Terms and Conditions

These Terms & Conditions (“Terms”) are specific to ‘The Great Horses for Health UK Relay 2021 (“The Event”) in aid of the specific charities stated within the Event website.

HorseWorld Trust (registered charity no. 1121920) (“HorseWorld”) is the lead charity for the Event and is co-ordinating the Event in conjunction with volunteers from the Horses for Health Committee.

These Terms & Conditions apply to all categories of participants in the Event, including:

  1. Riding and carriage driving
  2. In-hand and long-rein
  3. Pedestrians and cyclists
  4. Under 18s

By registering for the Event  I confirm my understanding of and agreement to these Terms, as follows:-


  1. My participation in the Event is my own responsibility (including but not limited to all costs and liability) and entirely at my own risk. I understand that neither HorseWorld, the Horses for Health Committee members nor any of the beneficiary charities bear responsibility or liability whatsoever for the Event, including but not limited to injury or harm sustained, damage to property or other loss incurred by participants or any spectators of the Event.


  1. (For riding and carriage driving and in-hand and long-rein participants only) I have adequate personal and public liability in place to cover the Event and I agree to promptly provide a copy of my personal and public liability insurance certificate to HorseWorld upon request.


  1. Participants under the age of 18 must be registered by their parent or guardian and must be accompanied by them at all times during the Event.


  1. I am solely responsible for my own health and safety (and my child’s if applicable) and that of my horse(s) and confirm my commitment to wear hi-vis clothing when participating in the Event, irrespective as to whether my route will require public highway use.


  1. I am physically able to take part in the Event and have no health issues that may restrict me from doing so. I will take advice from a general practitioner about my participation prior to the Event if required. Those under the influence of alcohol or drugs should not take part. Participants are strongly advised not to participate in the Event if they are or have recently been suffering from cold or flu symptoms or other COVID-19 symptoms. I understand that there will be no HorseWorld staff or Horses for Health volunteers present on the Event route and that I will be responsible for seeking any assistance or medical attention if required.


  1. I will adhere to all UK legal requirements, including but not limited to, appropriate attire in line with BE Safety standards, Highway Code regulations and any local byelaws applicable to my Event route.


  1. I understand that my Registration Fee is non-refundable should I be unable to participate in the Event.


  1. Should the Event be cancelled / postponed / changed due to local or national COVID-19 restrictions Registration Fees will not be refundable. I understand that the Event may need to be amended or changed at short-notice to accommodate any unexpected complications, such as weather conditions or COVID-19 restrictions.


  1. I will use my best endeavours to raise awareness of the Event and raise funds for the benficiary charities of Horses for Health in connection with my participation. 


  1. I will make clear to those who support my fundraising for the Event that any funds raised will be treated as a donation and provided to the benefitting charities. I will also make clear that if I am unable to participate, or the Event is postponed or cancelled, then sponsorship monies will still be payable to the benefitting charities unless the sponsor has specifically requested that their donation be returned in these circumstances.  


  1. I will forward all monies donated to Horses for Health via the online giving provider (SponsorMe) no later than four weeks after my participation in the Event.


  1. I acknowledge that Horses for Health and the Horses for Health Committee will process the personal details I provide for the purposes of my Event registration, co-ordinating the Event and contacting me about the same.


  1. I will use only lawful means to fundraise for the Event and will not bring the names of HorseWorld, Horses for Health or the benefitting charities into disrepute. I will observe the following fundraising rules and will comply with any further rules / requirements about fundraising which HorseWorld or the Horses for Health Committee may notify me.
    1. I will not use the HorseWorld, Horses for Health or any associated name or logo without first obtaining permission from HorseWorld/ Horses for Health.
    2. I am not authorised to incur any cost, claim, loss or liability on behalf of HorseWorld, Horses for Health and/or the nominated charities.
    3. I will contact HorseWorld and Horses for Health before conducting any raffle, lottery or public event, and comply with any guidance, guidelines, insurance and legal requirements in this regard, including the Fundraising Regulator’s Code of Fundraising Practice.
    4. I will obtain approval from HorseWorld and Horses for Health before approaching any press or celebrities to support the Event.
    5. I will secure the necessary approvals prior to undertaking street collections or collections on private property. House-to-house collections are not permitted.