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Challenge 1
What’s your top tip for a terrific treat time?

Share in our Facebook group the best ideas you’ve had for giving your equine pal some tasty treats.

Challenge 2
Ask your local riding/driving/bridleways group to share our website and help promote us

Challenge 3
Share the “Join now” link from the website to all your Facebook friends

Help us build our community! Simply share our community website with your facebook friends.

Challenge 4
Been out and about? Be brave and blog it!

Send us a short write-up of your first outing with your horse after lockdown lifted. Tell us your tale, share your adventures, and maybe even let us laugh together if it didn’t go according to plan!

Challenge 5
Marvellous Mindfulness

When do we ever just stop, pause, and do nothing but soak up the joy of being with our horses? Now’s the time to take the time…

Challenge 6
Where is your favourite tack shop and why is it special?

share the love about your wonderful tack shop

Challenge 7
How bright can you be?

It’s so important that we keep us and our horses safe when we’re on the roads, so just how brilliantly bright can you be?

Challenge 8
Clean bits (and bobs) for a fundraising kick-start!

Get your fundraising up and running with a sponsored tack clean.