Marvellous Mindfulness

When do we ever just stop, pause, and do nothing but soak up the joy of being with our horses? Now’s the time to take the time…

Press the pause button. Rather than rushing from one job to another, spend five mindful minutes just noticing your horse. Stop doing and start being.

What's involved?

For just five minutes, allow your horse to be your sole focus for your attention. Don’t do anything; just watch. Notice the colours in their coat, the sound of their breathing, the softness in their eye. You could even write your experiences down afterwards.

Why get involved?

However old we were when our love for equines began, it probably started purely because we loved being around them. But as we get more experienced, we can lose some of that simple pleasure. So spend just five minutes to try and bring back those feelings of wonder, happiness and maybe gratitude of just being around such wonderful animals.

How to get involved?

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Find a time of day when you can be undisturbed. You can choose whether to do this with your horse in their field, or tied up with their haynet; there’s no right or wrong way. For five minutes just focus entirely on what you can see, hear, feel, and smell. When other thoughts distract you, just gently bring your attention back to your horse.