What’s your top tip for a terrific treat time?

Share in our Facebook group the best ideas you’ve had for giving your equine pal some tasty treats.

Obviously we all carefully manage the diets of our furry friends, but there are times when they deserve a little treat. But what’s more imaginative than some carrots in a bucket? How do you keep their tummies happy and their minds occupied?

What's involved?

We know horse owners are a super creative bunch when it comes to ways of keeping your beloved horses happy, and there’s so much we can learn from each other. So share your ideas on our Facebook page. We know there are a million possibilities with some baler twine and root vegetables, so show us your amazing innovations!

Why get involved?

Our horses happiness is pretty much always our priority, and sometimes it’s time to give them a terrific treat. Share your exceptional ideas and help other owners to discover new ways, tricks and plans to make treat-time even more terrific.

How to get involved?

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       Go to our Facebook page and leave a comment about the ingenious ways you’ve found to make treat time more entertaining. Why not share a photo too?