Fundraise for our charities

We are hoping that through this amazing event, we will raise lots of much needed funds for our selected charities. The last year has been really difficult for charities as they have been unable to hold their usual fundraising events to fund their activities – but they all still have horses and donkeys to look after.

Each charity has been carefully chosen by Sophie Gifford, our Founder, based on their enthusiasm for our event and how they plan to use the funds raised. All our Charities are registered with either the Charity Commission of England and Wales or with the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR), and they are all up to date with their financial reporting – our integrity is of utmost importance.

Our Charities all support at least one of our three key principles:

    • Mental Health and Wellbeing: The huge positive impact from horses

    • Safety: Horse and other vulnerable road users’ safety and awareness

    • Welfare: Equine rescue and welfare

We have taken care to ensure that through our Charities we are able to support horses and people in every part of the UK. Some of our Charities are small and work in just one region, others are large and operate nationally, however, they all only deliver their aims in the UK.

You can fundraise for our Charities in a number of different ways. You can raise funds yourself through activities such as a cake sale or a sponsored tack clean, and then pay your funds onto our SponsorMe site, where they will be shared across all our Charities.

Or you can support our Charities through your participation in the Great Horses for Health Relay, by sharing our SponsorMe site with your friends and family.

Or you may have other thoughts which we would love to hear about – please share your fundraising ideas on our Facebook Group, so others can do the same.

Please encourage everyone to give generously. The more we raise together, the more we can help our Charities continue to do their great work, improving the welfare of horses, improving the lives of people through horses, and raising awareness of road safety for vulnerable road users.

Thank you.